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Areca ARC-4036 6Gb/s SAS/SATA JBOD Enclosure Review – Areca, LSI, Sandisk and Patriot Perform!

The ARC-4036, a JBOD/Expander Box that allows for maximum performance in a nice compact unit.
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ARC-4036 (8-Bays 6Gb/s SAS Tower JBOD Enclosure)

The ARC-4036 SAS-to-SAS JBOD enclosures provides a compact external storage chassis capable of accommodating up to 8 6Gb/s, Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) drives or 6Gb/s Serial ATA (SATA) drives. The Areca SAS expander module is based on the LSI 28-port LSISAS2x28 expander IC, SAS-2 chip which features 28 x 6Gb/s ports and 6G/3G multiplexing, SAS 2.0 zoning, self-configuration, table-to-table routing, and an integrated PPC processor for SES-2 and enclosure management support. Each ARC-4036 compact tower JBOD connects to the host system through two 4-lanes SAS connectors (Host In) and two 4-lanes SAS connectors (Exp. Out) to the next SAS-to-SAS JBOD enclosure. It is used to enhance the ARC-8040 RAID subsystem by allowing support for more than 8 internal hard disk drives. Configuration and environmental information is accessible either via in-band (SES-2 over SMP) or out-of-band serial port.

ARC-4036 (Front)
ARC-4036 (Rear)
SAS hard drives
Up to 8 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch SAS hot-plug hard drives
(6.0 Gb/s) at speeds of 7.2K, 10K or 15K rpm
SATA hard drives
Up to 8 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch SATA hot-plug hard drives
(6.0 Gb/s) at speeds of 7.2K or 10K rpm
JBOD Controller Modules
Expander board 1 module
Sensors 1 sensor on the expander board
Backplane Board
8 x SAS hard-drive connectors
1 x Power supply connector
2 x Cooling fan module connectors
1 x Sets of expander board connector
LED Indicators
Hard-drive carrier
1 x Blue single-color activity LED
1 x Two-color LED status indicator per drive
Expander board
2 x One-color LED status indicators for each SAS host port, one for SAS host port link and one for the activity status
2 x One-color LED status indicators for each SAS expansion port, one for SAS expansion port link and one for the activity state
Controller Back-Panel Connectors
SAS connectors (per expander board)
2 x SAS "Host In" connector for connection to the host
2 x SAS "Expansion Out" connector for expansion to an additional JBOD enclosure
Serial connector
1 x 6-pin UART RJ-11 connector
Power Supply
Wattage 220 W maximum continuous;
Voltage 90–256 V rated
Frequency 50–60 Hz
Amperage +12V/16A, +5V/16A, +3.3V/14A
Cooling Fan
Speed 2 X 2700rpm/brushless fan
Amperage 0.135A
Height 302 mm
Width 146 mm
Depth 290 mm
Weight 14.9lbs/6.8 kg (without disk)
Operating 0° to 40°C
Storage –40° to 60°C
Relative humidity
Operating 10% to 80% (non-condensing)
Storage 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
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