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Install Drivers (Windows Only)


To follow the following process to install driver & utility on Windows as below:

1. Insert the ARC-8050 software CD in the CD-ROM drive or download installer from http://www.areca.com.tw/support/s_thunderbolt/thunderbolt.htm and unzip the file.

2. Run the setup.exe file that resides at: \PACKAGES\Windows on the CD-ROM or from the website to launch the installer.

3. The screen shows “Preparing to Install”.


4. The MRAID Installer (or InstallShield Wizard) opens, preparing to install and click the “Next” button to move the next screen.


5. When the License Agreement screen appears, read and agree to the license information; then let the InstallShield Wizard guide you through the installation process.


6. On theSetup Typescreen, use the settings to specify these things: and click the “Next” button to move the next screen.


• “ Complete” to install driver, ArcHTTP and CLI utility at once, check the first box.


• “ Custom” to install special components and change the program directory. When this “Custom” checkbox is checked, go to Custom Setupscreen.


6-1. On the Custom Setupscreen, click on an icon to install special components and click the “Next” button to move the next screen.

    ArcMSR is required for the operating system to be able to interact with the ARC-8050 RAID storage.

ArcHTTP has to be installed for GUI RAID console (MRAID storage manager) to run.


CLI (Command Line Interface) lets you set up and manage ARC-8050 RAID storage through a command line interface.


7. When you reach the installation page, click the “Install” button to move the next screen.


8. A program bar appears that measures the progress of the driver installation.


When this screen completes, you have completed the MRAID installation. If you have no ARC-8050 RAID storage unit yet connected or powered on, a "MRAID Installer Information" message displays.


10. After installation is complete, click the “Finish” button to exit the InstallShield Wizard.


10. Once ArcHTTP and CLI have been installed, the ArcHTTP background task automatically starts each time when you start your computer. There is one MARID icon showing on your “Programs” folder. This icon is for you to start up your McRAID storage manager (by ArcHTTP) and CLI utility.

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